I am a Tutor

Hi, welcome to running your own business.

TutorSmart is designed to help Tutors like you connect with Students who need assistance in all sorts of subjects. On this site you will be able to list any subjects that you feel you are capable of teaching and how much you want to be paid and then students who are looking for tutors can book you.

The site provides you also with a calendar that you can set up to show when you are available to give lessons so that students can easily see when to make a booking. The students can then book directly online and TutorSmart will allow you to keep track of all your bookings and remind you automatically before your lessons are due.

You’ll be running your own business! …and here comes the fun part…your payment. TutorSmart is unique because when the students register they have to provide a credit card. So at the end of every lesson YOU can initiate the payment on your screen and you will get paid automatically by your student – no chasing students for money! The next day TutorSmart will automatically deposit your earnings into your account that you provided us. TutorSmart will deduct 5 percent of your earnings as a commission (PayPal also deduct an administration charge of 2.9 percent).

To ensure everyone’s safety, if you are under 18yrs, your parent’s approval will be required when you register and they will be given full access to monitor your site to help make sure that you are kept safe.