The costs for lessons are set by each Tutor and Students can choose what price range they want to consider when searching for tutors.

Payment on the site is set up so that no cash is exchanged. To use the site, during the registration process Students (or Parents of students if students are under 18) will be prompted to enter their credit card details in the PayPal screen. The credit card details are made directly to PayPal and TutorSmart has no access to those details ever. The tutors (or their Parents if the tutors are under 18) need to provide bank details to accept the payments. The Payment for each lesson will be initiated by the tutor at the end of each lesson. The Parent will be automatically notified anytime a payment is made. TutorSmart can only charge a student after the lesson is completed.

TutorSmart will deduct 5% commission and PayPal will deduct a further 2.9% of the amount earned by the tutor.

Cancellation Policy :

If a Student cancels a lesson more than 48 hours before the lesson, no charge will be incurred by the Student.

If a Student attempts to cancel a lesson within 48 hours before the lesson, they will be prompted to contact the Tutor to initiate the cancellation.

A student who attempts to cancel a lesson within 24 hours before the lesson will be prompted to contact the Tutor to initiate the cancellation and may be charged, at the Tutor's discretion.