I am a Parent

Welcome to TutorSmart.

TutorSmart is a site that helps to connect Tutors with students while keeping the cost of Tutoring affordable.  The aim of the site is to allow students who are still minors (-18yrs) to accept the responsibility of looking after their own lessons that they choose to give or take but with the support of Parental supervision so that the tutoring occurs in a safe environment for everyone to use.

To achieve this Parents approval is required during the registration process – for both student and Tutors that are under 18 - and all Parents are given full access to their child’s profile and activities on the site – at all times you can see everything that your child sees.

You will be notified automatically every time a lesson is booked, with all the details. You will be sent reminders when a lesson is going to happen and you will be notified when a lesson is completed. When a lesson is booked, mobile numbers will be exchanged. You too will have access to these details so that you can contact the relevant student/tutor should you want to. 

In addition, all minors that register on the site, as tutors or students, will be required to enter their school email address which will be used to verify that all minors are in fact genuine students at a registered school (This email address will never be used for communication by TutorSmart).

Please also refer to the Trust Centre for more details about how we ensure a safe environment for your kids.

Payment on the site is set up so that no cash is exchanged. To use the site, during the registration process Students (or Parents of students if students are under 18) will be prompted to enter their credit card details in the PayPal screen. The credit card details are entered directly to PayPal and TutorSmart has no access to those details ever. The tutors (or their Parents if the tutors are under 18) need to provide bank details to accept the payments. The Payment for each lesson will be initiated by the tutor at the end of each lesson. The Parent will be automatically notified any time a payment is made. TutorSmart can only charge a student after the lesson is completed.

TutorSmart will deduct 5% commission and PayPal will deduct a further 2.9% of the amount earned by the tutor .