Whether you want someone local, from your community or from a particular school or university,
TutorSmart connects you with a tutor that ticks all your boxes

    Student :

    • Find a Tutor you can relate to who matches your needs

    • Find someone close by

    • You can check all tutors over 18 have Working with Children Checks

    • Choose someone you can afford

    • Book online

    • The rating system means you can choose a Tutor who you know will be good

    • You might forget about your lesson...so we’ll remind you

TutorSmart is the new online platform that enables you to create, manage and grow your tutoring business

    Tutor :

    • Start your own business

    • We'll help you manage it

    • You decide when you want to give lessons

    • Your good ratings mean more business

    • The money goes directly into your account

With TutorSmart you are involved every step of the way

    Parent :

    • Your child gets affordable tuition

    • You’ll have complete supervision

    • You can check any tutor over 18 for their working with children check

    • We’ll automatically let you know about everything that’s going on - bookings, cancellations, payments

    • Payments are only charged at the end of lessons

    • No cash payments so you know where the money is going

    • Great opportunity for kids to earn money and develop skills

    • The “GO” button should take you to the search page for tutors…..see below

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